Eucharistic Catholic Church in Canada

Thank you for visiting! I invite you to learn more about Église Catholique Eucharistique-The Eucharistic Catholic Church-Iglesia Católica Eucarística (ECE-ECC) through this website, and to write or call with your questions.

The inclusive life and focus of our Church is centred in the historical roots of Catholic Eucharistic theology and tradition. In the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, we find the intimate and loving union of the love of Christ Jesus in His Sacred Heart and the sacrifice of His Body and Blood made continually present to the world in the Eucharist at Mass and in the Blessed Sacrament.

Our experience of Jesus’ Sacred Eucharistic Heart transforms us so that we can embody love and mercy to those who live in need of God’s loving embrace. Our life in and devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus form us in compassionate love to proclaim the living Gospel.

We depend on the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus to guide and protect the Eucharistic Catholic Church so that we may live the divine life offered us in the Body and Blood of Jesus. Drawing on the activity of the Holy Spirit, we desire to proclaim to the world the wonder’s of Christ’s love.

Most Reverend J. Roger LaRade, OFA


Église Catholique Eucharistique – The Eucharistic Catholic Church – Iglesia Católica Eucarística